My Found Money Jar

My Found Money Jar

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Found Two Coins on a Walk and Left Two Coins

This morning I took a walk before it got too hot out. I once again trotted up to the fast food place, a great place to spot money most of the time, and on the way, I found a penny in the street. Then I found a penny in a gas station parking lot along the side, no where near the pumps.

Then I went to the fast food place and saw two coins in the drive through lane but there were cars backed up and I knew it would be purt 'near impossible to get them so I walked on. And one was a quarter! So so sad.

To make up for it, I guess, I sold this poster on Zazzle. Yay!

Roll 'Em, Cowboy Poster
Roll 'Em, Cowboy Poster by ScarlettOHairy
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Have you found any money lately?

Facts About This Found Money
Denomination:  2 pennies
Year:  1972, 1992
U.S. Mint:  D, D
Condition:  tarnished and dirty
Total Found Money in 2014 to Date:  $25.64

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