My Found Money Jar

My Found Money Jar

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Found 12 Cents at the Grocery Store

This morning I ran to Goodwill (half off day) but didn't find anything I couldn't live without. Then I went to the grocery store where I found 12 cents. Yay!

Happy Flag Day, everyone! 

Did you know that Flag Day is celebrated on June 14 because that's the day in 1777 that the United States adopted the flag (or its earlier version) for the first time? Yep. That's why.

If you need a flag, just click the one below to check out some options on Amazon.

Facts About This Found Money
Denomination:  2 pennies, 1 dime
Year:  pennies:  1985, 2013; dime:  2003
U.S. Mint:  none, D, D
Total Found Money in 2014 to Date:  $25.34

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