Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a lovely windy, cool day to find a penny

We are having a nice break from the heat today. Yesterday it was 90+ degrees F, today a high of 71! Yes! This is my kind of weather! So, I took advantage and rode my bike to the post office this morning. At 38th and Indian School while waiting to cross the street, I spotted this guy:

A nice shiny penny! It looked much shinier on the sidewalk. I didn't wait to take a picture there; this was taken on the sidewalk in front of my house after I got home. It is really windy here like the rest of the country but that just gave me a better workout, which I need.

Have you found any money lately? I'm going to list all of the found money friends and family have told me about recently. There's a lot of loose change floating around!

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination: 1 penny
Year:  1974 

U.S. Mint:  No mint mark! I don't recall seeing (not seeing) this before so I had to go look. 

Here's what I found at Penny Facts at the Chrissman-Scottman Summer School Web site:  "Denver stamps a "D" on the coin and Philadelphia stamps a "P" on the coin but on the penny leaves it blank. Thus a penny with no mint mark was made in Philadelphia." Who knew? Not me!

Condition:  a little dirty
How many coins/bills found to date:  24 

How much found money to date:  $.42

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Pennies Found in Change

Not found money that I can count, but I just found these 2 pennies, and I feel like I'm way behind times. I just noticed 2 shiny new pennies in my change yesterday. And these weren't normal new pennies. These are the new Lincoln one-cent design that was launched in February. What rock have I been living under?

Take a look. Not a great picture, but the shield shows in the penny on the left. Lincoln looks the same and has a new 2010 date. But the new pennies are beautiful, even though they feel light, like ramped up Monopoly money if Monopoly dealt in coins.

Have you seen the new penny? What do you think of them?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Clean Sweep

I was helping my daughter clean her house yesterday. I know, you're jealous! Well, after cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the patio and scrubbing the table out there, vacuuming the air vents, and helping take off the dust ruffle to be washed, I ventured outside to the front of the house.

It was a hot and muggy day, but the carport had a pile of crud that had blown in that I had to sweep up. As I was using the big broom to corral the mess, I heard a tinkle on the concrete. I looked down and saw this penny.

A penny for my efforts! Between that and a hug and kiss from my grandson, all the work was worth it.

Have you ever found money at someone's house and kept it?

BTW, I told my daughter I found this penny and that I was keeping it. She said it was fine. She knows about this blog, and she used to throw pennies away when she little. Shame! Of course she rarely emptied her trash can, so I usually found them, but still.

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination: 1 penny
Year:  1989
U.S. Mint:  Denver
Condition:  filthy dirty
How many coins/bills found to date:  23
How much found money to date:  $.41

Friday, April 9, 2010

Party Money

I was on my way to my car this evening to go to a par-tay with some friends, had my glasses off, blowing a speck of dust or pollen or something off of them, put them back on just in time! There was a penny on the ground! Here 'tis:

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination: 1 penny
Year:  1994
U.S. Mint:  Denver
Condition:  decent shape, but dirty
How many coins/bills found to date:  22
How much found money to date:  $.40

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