My Found Money Jar

My Found Money Jar

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Found a Penny in the Street and Saw the Harvest Moon

I took a little stroll this evening about dusk and while walking near a busy street, I spotted this penny! It was in the street, which always makes me so happy since, well, you know, this is Found Money in the Street!

I posed it next to a painting page with the paint at the top. These are so fun to do! I painted this unicorn with my grandkids the other day (they did their own, of course).

And have you been out to see the harvest moon? So pretty!
This Found Money Facts:
Denomination:  1 penny
Year:  2012 
U.S. Mint:  D 

Condition:  shiny and scratched

Total Found Money to Date in 2013:  $21.68

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