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My Found Money Jar

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recorded Live, Freaked Out, Took a Walk, Found Money!

Today I did my first live recording (and maybe my last!) for Sun Sounds of Arizona, the new volunteering gig. I read the Yuma Sun newspaper, and it was only for 27 minutes (from 9:30 to 9:57 a.m.). But it was my first time doing a live recording and I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing. 

Oh well, I got through it. I almost lost it during one article when I had to say the name "Pickels" several times. The first time I sort of smiled and almost laughed but didn't . The second time was hard. I had to think of something awful (not the proverbial dead puppies) but just told myself "You cannot laugh. Stop it." So I did.

On the way home, I felt like it needed to blow off some steam so I parked the car and just walked around a shopping center. In the parking lot, all in one parking space, I found these six pennies! Woo hoo! The walk and the found money put me in a better mood!

This Found Money Facts:    
Denomination:  6 pennies  
Year:  1986, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2012
U.S. Mint: none, none, none, D, D, D

Condition:  range from shiny to tarnished and dirty and scratched
Total Found Money to Date in 2013:  $15.41

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