Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost Didn't Go to the Dollar Store Today, But I'm Glad I Did!

Today I had to run to the post office. I wanted to go to Dollar Tree but almost didn't. Am I glad I did! First, the trip to the post office was uneventful (which means I found no money).

But at the dollar store, first I spotted a penny in the main aisle at the right side of the store next to the pool toys and goggles. 

Then I walked over to get some paper towels and dish soap and miscellaneous stuff I refuse to pay more than a dollar for. As I was walking up to pay, I found another penny on the floor in the gift wrap aisle.

Then as I was standing in line, with three people in front of me, mind you, I saw the third penny on the floor. None of the three customers picked it up, so it was mine! Sometimes I can't believe people aren't more observant, but many just aren't, which of course leaves more money for me! So, I'm really not complaining. It just seems weird to me.

This photo shows my three pennies and my lovely carnation my granddaughter brought me yesterday. Hope you had a good mother's day.

Are you observant?
This Found Money Facts:    Denomination:  3 pennies
Year:  1994, 2007, 2013
U.S. Mint:  D  
Condition:  range from very dirty and tarnished to bright and shiny
Total Found Money to Date in 2013:  $14.85


  1. Woohoo! I'm happy for you but even happier for ME as I lost my glasses for the last hour. Finally tripped over them on one of these oriental rugs. Well, at least I got 3 extra walks in as I retraced my steps from my first walk. I was in a panic. Good news for both of us in the end!

  2. I love it when people can't give a toot about their pennies. I watched someone who was running for a bus drop 5p the other day at another bus passenger's feet, then when she didn't hop to it, I snatched it up before anyone else did. Ditto the lovely shiny penny that bounced into my shoe from the pocket of the chap standing next to me at the store who pulled out a rain of change when he went for a note. One of these days I will update the dropped money list on my blog ;-)

  3. Lori, glad you found your specs!

    WordChazer, I know, I love it too when people are oblivious! I just love finding money!


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