Friday, May 10, 2013

Found a Penny Outside and a Dime in a Store

Today I ran to the fabric store to pick up some sew on patches. Walking from my car to the store, I saw this gnarly penny in the dirt. It is a mess:  beat up with a gouge in one side and is so dirty I can't read the year. But it's a penny!

Then I went to Sprouts to stock up on fruit and vegetables (and some double-dipped chocolate covered peanuts since they were on sale!). As I entered the store, I saw this dime on the floor! 

Are you finding money these days?

This Found Money Facts:   
Denomination:  1 penny, 1 dime    
Year:  penny:  ?; dime:  2006  
U.S. Mint:  penny:  ?; dime:  D    
Condition:  penny: very dirty and gouged; dime:  shiny   
Total Found Money to Date in 2013:  $14.82

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