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My Found Money Jar

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Found Two Pennies at the Gas Station and Grocery Store

Today I went to the second visit of the drug study I'm doing. Of course the hardest part was getting up early. We had to be there at 7 a.m., which is before I'm usually even up and at 'em. Oh well, I was only about 7 minutes late.

After I got my shot, I left and went to the gas station. Behind the pumps on the ground, I found a penny! Then I went to Fry's grocery store for a few things (mostly orange juice but got sucked in by the "buy 5 and get $5 off" offer). I spotted a penny on the floor so picked it up.

I posed my found coins next to a mod pillowcase for sale in my Etsy shop. Groovy, man.

Have you found any money recently?

This Found Money FACTS:      
Denomination: 2 pennies
Year:  pennies:  1985, 2003
U.S. Mint:   D, D  
Condition:  one is very tarnished and the other slightly tarnished but mostly shiny
Total found money to date in 2013:  $3.20

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