Monday, March 25, 2013

Found 30 Cents Today on a Walk and at Fresh and Easy

Today I took my magnet (like this one shown here) for a walk down an alley. I didn't get very far when I spotted a guy out spraying for weeds, I guess. Since I don't like an audience nor wanted to breathe that crap, I left and went to the next alley over.

I found a penny near a bunch of junk that people had dumped. Then pretty soon I spotted another one. I walked on and saw a quarter sort of buried in the dirt. I'm surprised I saw it. It is a mess. Then I found one more penny!

I was thrilled! I left and went to the library and picked up some DVDs and books. Then I went to Fresh and Easy. On the way in, I saw a penny in a change tray, so I snagged it. At the markdown section, they had $4.99 containers of grapes on sale for $1.57, so I got two! Then as I was walking to my car I saw another penny beside a car. Yay!
Have you found any money recently?

This Found Money FACTS:      
Denomination: 5 pennies, 1 quarter
Year:  pennies:  ?, ?, 2004, 2010, 2011; quarter:  ?
U.S. Mint:   ?, ?, D, D, D, ? 
Condition: most are really dirty, but 2 pennies are shiny
Total found money to date in 2013:  $3.50

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