Monday, March 18, 2013

Found a Penny in That Same Parking Lot

This evening I took my camera out just as the sun was getting ready to set. It was nice and cool and the air smelled so good! Orange blossoms, I think. Anyway, I wish I could bottle the scent and have it in my house when I wanted.

I took a few photos, nothing too exciting, then I walked across the street to the office building parking lot. I found this penny! 

I swear it wasn't there yesterday, but it's sort of a mess so it might have been. But I can't read the date or mint initial. The back of it is black.

Anyway, hope your Monday was good. I'm still recuperating from this crud and hope it's gone soon.

This Found Money FACTS:  
Denomination: 1 penny
Year:  ?
U.S. Mint:  ?
Condition:  shiny but dinged up and scratched
Total found money to date in 2013:  $2.67

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