Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Found 28 Cents While Running Errands

Well, if I felt better, I might have kept flitting from place to place. 

Today I ran a bunch of errands and here's what I found:

~ a quarter on the floor at the post office
~ a penny in a check out aisle at the dollar store
~ a penny on the floor at the entrance of Goodwill
~ a penny in the parking lot walking to my car

I was shocked. It was like coins were just waiting for me to find them. But I also went to Big Lots and Fresh and Easy and didn't find a thing. 

Oh, and I found the button in a parking lot.
This Found Money FACTS:  
Denomination: 3 pennies, 1 Ohio state quarter
Year:  pennies:  2005, 2011, 2011; quarter:  2002

U.S. Mint:  Ds all around
Condition:  mostly shiny but a couple pennies are starting to tarnish
Total found money to date in 2013:  $2.95

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