Friday, February 15, 2013

Found a Dime on the Floor in the Dairy Section

Today I went to Fry's and did some "big" shopping. They had tuna for 59 cents a can and beans for 69 cents a can plus other stuff on sale. As I was walking to the cheese area of the dairy section, I saw something that looked round on the floor. 

I couldn't tell what it was but waited while a guy walked right over it twice. When he was out of the way, I walked over and it was this dime! 
Some people really aren't very observant sometimes.

I'm getting ready to make a few more tin can men so I posed the dime next to the cans I'll be using. See the holes I poked in the cans? 

Here's instructions in case you want to make your own tin can man. The tin can man to the right is one I recently made.

This Found Money FACTS:  
Denomination:  1 dime
Year:   1999

U.S. Mint:  D  
Condition: shiny    
Total found money to date in 2013:  $1.41


  1. That tin man is so cute! I will have to make one not only will I look for money, but I will also look for bottle caps....spider4041 (2013 $1.00).

    1. Great! You're doing well with your found money!


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