My Found Money Jar

My Found Money Jar

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Found Four Denominations of Coins Today

Today I found a quarter first in my parking lot when I took the trash out. Then I took a walk and found a penny on the sidewalk near a bus stop, then I found a nickel in a parking space, and then a dime on the floor at the grocery store. 

Woo hoo, four coins, four denominations! Then on my way home I found another penny on a sidewalk! So, that's 42 cents total.

I love finding all of different kinds of coins! I just wish I'd find all the paper bills one of these days:  a one, a five, a ten, a twenty. Yeah, those would be just fine! Or even just one of them.

This Found Money Facts:
Denomination:  2 pennies, 1 nickel, 1 dime, 1 quarter
Year:  pennies:  1988, 1991; nickel:  2013; dime:  2012; quarter:  2006
U.S. Mint:  all D
Condition:  range from shiny to tarnished

Total Found Money to Date in 2014:  $18.47

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