Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Found 21 Cents Today on a Walk

Today the weather was wonderful--cool and breezy. I took a sort of long walk and on the way to the grocery store, I found a penny in a bank drive through (yes, I take lots of detours on my walks!). 

Then at the store I went ahead and bought one of the small watermelons that were on sale for a dollar each. I had to carry the sucker home so tried to pick one of the smallest ones. It wasn't bad carrying it though. Gotta love weight-bearing exercise!

As I left the store I checked two vending machines that dispense water (I don't get that! Just buy a water pitcher and do it at home!), and I found two dimes! So, I found 21 cents today!

This Found Money Facts:
Denomination:  1 penny, 2 dimes
Year:  2003, 1999, 2003
U.S. Mint:  D, D, D
Condition:  shiny to tarnished

Total Found Money to Date in 2014:  $17.81

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