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My Found Money Jar

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Found a 1955 Dime Today Plus More Coins

Today I had to go to the post office and while I was walking back to my car, which I parked across the street, I found these coins:
  • a penny on the sidewalk in front of a store
  • a dime in an empty parking space
  • a penny on the floor at Walmart (yes, I took a shopping detour)
  • and another penny in a parking space at Walmart
Then I drove to the library and then stopped in at the grocery store where I found the 1955 dime in the coin machine. Someone either didn't want it or forgot about it in there. Love finding the older coins.

So, with this 23 cents I found, it puts me over the $20 mark this year and it's not even June yet! 

I posed this found money next to some rocks I'm painting. I'll pose more found money next to them when they're done. (I guess I should say, I hope I find more money!)

UPDATE:  I just found another penny in the street! That makes 24 cents today.

This Found Money Facts:
Denomination:  4 pennies, 2 dimes
Year:  pennies:  1982, 1986, 1997, 2012; dimes:  1955, 2004
U.S. Mint:  pennies:  all D; dimes:  no mark, D 
Condition:  shiny, tarnished, dirty

Total Found Money to Date in 2014:  $20.19

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