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My Found Money Jar

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Found a Nickel in the Change Tray at the Grocery Store

Today I went to Fresh and Easy to do my "big" shopping. All that means is I printed off one of their coupons for $4 off if you spend $30. Since I needed quite few things I was out of like canola oil, rice, kitty litter, stuff like that, I knew I could easily spend $30. 

Fresh and Easy is a chain of stores, but the stores are small, so I usually do "big" shopping at Fry's (Kroger). But with the $4 off, I like to go there occasionally.

As I was checking out, I saw this nickel in the change tray! It's mine now.

This Found Money Facts:
Denomination:  1 nickel 

Year:  1985
U.S. Mint:  P
Condition:  shiny
Total Found Money To Date for 2013:  $.27

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