Monday, April 2, 2012

Took a Walk and Found a Penny

Today I finally figured my taxes. This is a yearly task that I despise. I think about it, dwell on it, stew over it, and usually try to get it done in February, just to be done with it. For some reason this year I just kept putting it off. But yesterday, I bought the tax software so this morning I had a couple cups of coffee, checked email, diddled around and then loaded the CD into my computer and got busy. By 11:30, I was tooling through the papers, doing it. Getting it done.

So, by 2:00 I was finished. The check was written (only had to write one check, and will get a refund from the other guys). It about evens out, as it should, so the big bad government doesn't keep my money all year. Any way, it's such a nice day here that I decided to take a walk and enjoy the weather. I found this penny! When I got home I had this Easter card from my sister in the mail. Thanks, Kay!
This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  1 penny
Year:  ?
U.S. Mint:  ?
Condition:   Dirty, scuffed, and unreadable
Total found money to date for 2012:  $2.48

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