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My Found Money Jar

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Found 13 Cents to End the Year

Today I was bound and determined to find some money. This is the last day of 2013, you know, so I wanted to add to my found money total for the year.

I drove to a nearby shopping center since I needed to buy cat litter, and I didn't want to carry a 14-pound container home! 
First I scoped out the parking lot in front of the grocery store but didn't find any money. So, I went inside and bought my stuff and took it to the car.

Then I walked around a bit then got on the sidewalk by the busy street. Nothing. I almost crossed the street to check the Starbucks drive through but it was so busy and noisy, so I didn't.

Then I walked in front of a few eating establishments and found this dime and three pennies in the middle of an empty parking space! Woo hoo!

I walked around more of the large parking lot on my way to my car but didn't find anything else. Dang. Greedy, aren't I!?

But I did end the year with a grand total of $32.52. That is more than double the $15.50 I found last year. I'm happy!

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I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve and an even better new year!

This Found Money Facts:
Denomination:  3 pennies, 1 dime

Year:  pennies:  1989, 2001, 2001; dime: 1965
U.S. Mint:  pennies:  all D; dime:  P
Condition:  two tarnished pennies, shiny penny and dime
Total Found Money to Date in 2013:  $32.52

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