Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Found a Penny on the Floor at the Grocery Store

Tonight I went to an orientation for Sun Sounds of Arizona to see about volunteering there. I have an audition next week, so we'll see. 

Afterwards, I went by Fresh and Easy for a few things. I found a penny on the floor next to a checkout register. Yay!

How about you? Have you found any money lately? Please let us know!

This Found Money FACTS:      
Denomination: 1 penny
Year:  pennies:  2006
U.S. Mint:   D
Condition: very shiny, like new
Total found money to date in 2013:  $3.56


  1. I have started a found money fund on 01/01/2013 and as of today 04/08/2013 I have $237.40. I find most of the coins at the local car washers and High School parking lots. Amazing how much money people lose or do not care about it and just throw it on the ground. I am hoping to have between $800 and $1000 by the end of the year.

  2. Wow, that is amazing! I think I'm going to have to visit some car washes and high schools. Dang. Way to go!


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