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My Found Money Jar

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ran Lots of Errands and Finally Found a Penny

Today I ran several errands (went to two libraries, took a walk, a thrift store [half off day, don't ya know?], and Big Lots!). I found a penny on the floor while checking out at the thrift store.

I didn't find any money all week since Monday because I had grandkids at my house from Tuesday through Friday. Fun times! We went on walks and to a park and even though I found quite a few coins, each time I pointed it out to one of them and let them keep it. So, today, since I was by myself, I kept the penny!

Here's what I remember of the found money my grandkids found this week:
  • One grandson found a dime in the parking lot.
  • The same grandson used his metal detector at the park and found a buried penny!
  • My other grandson and I took a walk and he found 14 cents! That was pretty exciting!
This is the metal detector like what I bought my grandson.

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  1 penny
Year:  1973
U.S. Mint:  D
Condition:   Worn, tarnished, and lovely
Total found money to date for 2012:  $2.20

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