Saturday, March 3, 2012

Found a Penny in an Alley

Today I ran some errands:

-  hit a church thrift store that keeps odd hours but the sandwich sign was out on the sidewalk (found a roll of vintage ribbon:  $.25)

-  stood in line at the post office for 20 minutes (doh, should have gone to the postal annex in the card store)

-  returned some books and movies at the library and picked up more

So, then I parked my car on a side street and walked up and down a few alleys with my magnet. I spotted a penny on the ground and scooped it up. The photo shows some of the junk I found (I threw away quite a few really junky pieces and sorted a lot of nails and screws and put them in a separate container). What makes this junk special, worth saving, you ask? I don't know. But I love the wire with the twisted part and loops at the end and those washers have a lovely rusty patina. By the way, I had to actually bend over to pick up the broken tile pieces. My magnet won't pick those up.

Have you found anything good lately? Any money?

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  1 penny
Year:  1993 (I think)
U.S. Mint:  none
Condition:   Tarnished and dirty with a chunk missing in the side
Total found money to date for 2012:  $1.65

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