Sunday, November 20, 2011

Found Seven Cents

Today I was feeling creaky. Some days I get out of bed and am stiff and sore, which is one of the negatives of getting old, but it beats the alternative. But I usually loosen up. Today I wasn't loosening up, so I decided to put on my tennis shoes and take a walk.

Before I even left the condo complex, I found the two pennies in the photo that are shiny. Then I found the other five filthy dirty pennies while walking around the hood. They are so worn down and dirty that I can't read the dates on them.

Have you found any money lately?

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  7 pennies
Year:  1993, 1995, the other 5 = ??
 U.S. Mint:   D, D,  who knows, who knows, who knows, who knows, who knows
Condition:  2 shiny, 5 filthy dirty and unreadable
How much found money to date: $3.25 in 2011

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