Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Volunteered, Post Office, Library, Grocery Store and I found a penny!

Today I actually got to Learning Ally ON TIME. That's the first time that's happened in months. Anyway, I volunteered (read a textbook called PSYCH) then went to the post office then to the library. Finally, I went to Fresh and Easy for a few things. And look what I found. Yes, a penny!

It was in the change tray of an out-of-order cash register. Customers ring up their own orders there; they don't have cashiers. So, I grabbed it because I check out all the change trays when I think of it.

I also added the penny to the found money jar and took a new picture of it. It had been months since I'd done that. It's up there, to left. The jar is full (well, it's actually half full) of change and is getting really heavy!

In addition to finding money, I love to win stuff. I enter giveaways on blogs when I see them. Last week I won something that I'll show you when it arrives. You'll have to wait till I get it and try it out. But there is another giveaway and if I mention it in a blog, I can enter again. So, I'm mentioning it here!

You can enter to win one of three Zentangle (doodling, man, doodling!) sets from I Am the Diva, a certified Zentangle instructor. The deadline is November 30, 2011.

Have you found any money lately?

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination: 1 penny
Year:  1981
 U.S. Mint:  D
Condition:  fine, just fine
How much found money to date: $2.65 in 2011


  1. wow! i love the concept of this blog!! so interesting, found much Canadian cash?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Found Money! No, I've never found any Canadian cash (only American) while I've been tracking my found money.


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