Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Found 13 Cents Today!

Today I went to the post office but parked across the street and walked over. When I came out of the post office, I walked through the parking lot and saw these Dots lying there. I thought there were so pretty and colorful against the ugly pavement. (I added a link to these yummy goodies if you have a hankering for some Dots!)

And as I was digging my camera out of my purse, I spotted two pennies! Yay! So, I picked them up and walked across the street back to my car and to hit the Dollar Tree. On the way, I saw two more pennies in the street, but they were imbedded in the tar. I couldn't dig them out so I snapped a couple of photos. 

So, I trotted over to Dollar Tree and on the way I saw another penny! At Dollar Tree, guess what happened? I saw a dime under a shelf ledge. Yippee! I also found this tiny little spool of copper wire. Isn't it cute?

This Found Money Facts:
Denomination: 3 pennies, 1 dime

Year:  pennies:  1985, 1992, 1993; dime:  1996
U.S. Mint:  all D
Condition: pennies:  tarnished and dirty; dime:  shiny
Total Found Money to Date in 2013:  $16.31

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