Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Found 17 Cents at the Store and on a Walk

This morning I went to the grocery store since I was out of milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, you know the drill. Anyway, I found a penny on the floor as I was leaving the store.

Then later this afternoon I walked to Sprouts for their double ad Wednesday sales. On the way, I didn't find a plug nickel (nor a regular nickel or anything else), but on the walk home I found two pennies in the street, three pennies at a gas station, another penny in the street, a nickel in a drive through lane, and a nickel in a parking space in front of an Ace hardware store. 

A worker was out front and saw that I found some money, and we got to talking. He said, "It's always good to find silver money," when I told him I found a nickel. I agreed. Then he told me that one time he found a $100 bill! He was in line at a store and dropped a dollar bill and when he reached down to pick it up, he saw a bill folded into a tiny shape. He put it in his pocket and later unfolded it and saw that it was a $100 bill! 

So cool! The most I've found was a $20 bill once. How about you? What's the largest denomination of money you've found?

Facts About This Found Money
Denomination:  7 pennies, 2 nickels
Year:  too many to mess with
U.S. Mint:  ditto
Condition:  range from shiny to tarnished
Total Found Money in 2015 to Date:  $29.68

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