My Found Money Jar

My Found Money Jar

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Found 11 Cents in the Boiling Heat

Today I went to my grandson's awards ceremony at his school. So proud of him! The school parking lot was so full that I had to park in a shopping center parking lot and walk a block to the school. When it was time to go get my car, I found some money:

  • a penny in a parking lot
  • a nickel and 2 pennies in a drive through lane
  • 3 pennies at a gas station

I think the pollen count must be high here today. My eyes are itchy and watery, and I am so tired. That might be caused by the heat. The mercury hit over 100 today. Ugh. Hate it.
Facts About This Found Money
Denomination:  6 pennies, 1 nickel
Year:  too many to mess with
U.S. Mint:  same
Condition:  range from shiny to tarnished
Total Found Money in 2015 to Date:  $33.14

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