Monday, May 25, 2015

Found 99 Cents and a Canadian 25-Cent Piece in Two Days

Yesterday I took a walk and found 71 cents. Today I rode my bike and found 53 cents. That's a total of $1.24. Actually I just checked the coins carefully and see that one of the "quarters" is really a Canadian 25-cent coin. So, I'm updating this to reflect this. I don't count foreign money in my found money total, but I think it's fun finding foreign coins!

Here's where I found this money:
  • at a gas station
  • in the street
  • in a fast food drive through lane
  • in a change tray at the grocery store
  • on the sidewalk
  • in several parking lots
Have you been lucky finding money lately? I hope so! Please let us know.

Facts About This Found Money
Denomination:  14 pennies, 1 nickel, 3 dimes, 2 quarters and 1 Canadian 25-cent piece
Year:  too many to mess with
U.S. Mint:  yep, same as above
Condition:  range from shiny to tarnished
Total Found Money in 2015 to Date:  $32.83

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