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My Found Money Jar

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Found 2 Pennies at Peter Piper Pizza

Today I had the good fortune of going to Peter Piper Pizza! I took two of my grandkids and before playing a machine, we checked the little change trays to see if we found any tokens. We actually found several! My grandson also found a nickel, and I found a penny! Then as we were leaving, I found a penny on the floor.

I am exhausted. It's just so exciting! Did you find any money somewhere fun (or boring) today?

This Found Money Facts:
Denomination: 2 pennies
Year: 2000 and 2011
U.S. Mint: D, D
Condition:  tarnished, shiny
Total Found Money to Date for 2012:  $8.51

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