Friday, January 27, 2012

The Mother Lode!

Today I took Scarlett out to roam around a little this morning. She went over by the parking lot, which she's not supposed to do. But she trotted back to the safe part of the complex but I decided to check out the empty parking spots for coinage. Well, I'm glad I did! I found a quarter! Yahoo!

Then later I took out the trash and spotted a very beat up penny in the parking lot. Ta da! Later I went for a walk and found four pennies! Wee doggies! Then I went to Fry's for a "few things" and $35 later, I spotted a penny on the floor by the self-checkout stand. Then I saw  more money in the change shoot (it hadn't dropped down into the tray). I nudged a penny forward and out came a dime and another penny! It was like a little slot machine.

I think that's it! In all I found 43 cents today! Woo hoo!!!

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  1 quarter, 1 dime, 8 pennies
Year:  2002 Louisiana state quarter; 1979; pennies:  3 pennies:  ?, 1979, 1982, 1987, 2006, 2010  
U.S. Mint:  no mark; D; pennies: none to can't read to D 
Condition:   quarter:  beat up; dime:  okay; pennies:  some are awful, a few just tarnished
How much found money to date: $1.03 in 2012

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