Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Found a Dime at Dollar Tree (and some junk by the side of the road!)

Today I volunteered. No money.

To the post office. No money.

While driving to the library, spotted a pile of junk by the road. U-turned, parked the car. Walked over and picked out the old soda tray and little shadow box and put them in my trunk. No money.

Returned DVDs and got more at the library. No money.

Went to Dollar Tree for a calendar. Sold out, but I found a dime on the floor!

Went to the .99 Cent Store. Got a calendar. No money.

I've rinsed off the grimy dirt and leaves from my junk and will post pictures when I've properly cleaned them. They also had a big old ladder with neat hardware and some other stuff I would have snagged if I had a truck and a big yard. Oh well.

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  1 dime
Year:  1965
U.S. Mint:  none
Condition:   Nice and worn, but in good shape
How much found money to date: $.11 in 2012


  1. Your Dollar Tree mention made me think of this: During the recent holiday season I took one day and a handful of quarters and when I went in to the Dollar Tree store, I randomly (and discreetly) dropped them throughout the aisles. I felt like a reverse shoplifter! Don't you wish you'd been there that day? ;-)

  2. I sure do! That was a nice thing to do, Shirley! I'm sure you brighten the day for several people. I know it only takes finding a penny for me to smile!


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