My Found Money Jar

My Found Money Jar

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Banner Day for Finding Money!

This morning I had to run to the post office to drop a bill in the mail. I should have mailed it a few days ago but it'll be fine. Anyway, after mailing it, I walked across the street to the dollar store. 

On the way I found a penny in the street, then a quarter! I was thrilled and figured that was good. Finding 26 cents is fine! Both were fairly beat up but I don't mind. But in the dollar store, I found a dime on the floor then a penny! 37 cents!

Well, I walked back to my car and drove to Goodwill (half off day) and in the store, I spotted 2 pennies on the floor! 39 cents. Great! I also found this cool Boy Scout book from 1963 at Goodwill. I listed it in my Etsy shop tonight.

Then I went to Fry's for a few things and I found a penny and a dime on the floor! 50 cents. Even better! 

I almost stopped there but decided later today to take a walk. Lo and behold, I found 48 more cents! That's a total of 98 cents found today.

I was thrilled to spot a bright, shiny new quarter in a parking lot. It's a 2015 Nebraska state quarter. So pretty! I hadn't seen one of them yet so that was exciting!

I also found money in the street, at a gas station, and in a fast food restaurant parking lot.

Have you found any money lately?

Facts About This Found Money
Denomination:  8 pennies, 4 dimes, 2 quarters
Year:  too many to mess with, sorry!
U.S. Mint:  ditto
Condition:  shiny to tarnished 
Total Found Money in 2015 to Date:  $21.16

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