Saturday, July 7, 2012

Took Out the Trash, Found Four Pennies

I'd been inside all day working on a book I'm copy editing. I rewarded myself by taking a break to take out the trash just now. Woo hoo, I know how to live!

After I dumped the bag of trash in the dumpster, I walked around the parking lot looking for coins. I spotted one penny then in another spot next to a truck I found the other three. Yay!

I propped them up with some gummy bears. Then I ate the bears. I don't care that the coins are dirty. As my mom used to say, "You've got to eat a peck of dirt before you die."

How about you? Have you found any money lately? Eaten any dirt?

This Found Money Facts:
Denomination: 4 pennies
Year: 1980, 1993, 2003, 2005
U.S. Mint:  none, D, D, D
Condition:  a range from shiny to purty dirty
Total Found Money to Date for 2012:  $7.22


  1. I found a nickel and a penny in the parking lot near my car yesterday and yes, I picked them up.

    1. Great! I can't understand when people say they DON'T pick up money!

  2. A friend with a cruel sense of humor said he glued a quarter to the floor just so he could laugh when people tried to pick it up. I guess most people will bend over for a quarter.

    I need the exercise, so I'll bend down to pick up a penny.

  3. Yes, I've heard of that trick. I've dug coins out of tar, so yep, I'd fall for it. I can use the exercise too. It's not quite a workout but if I found more coins, that would be a great workout I'd actually enjoy doing!


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