Saturday, December 17, 2011

Found Three Pennies in the Parking Lot

Today, you guessed it, is half off day at Goodwill. I went to the one near my house and then to Big Lots! (they use the exclamation point in their name--I don't feel THAT excited about the place actually). Then I walked over to the Church's Chicken to use my $2 coupon for 2 chicken tenders, fries, and biscuit, and on the way their found 2 pennies and on the way back to my car, I found 1 more. Yay!

While at Big Lots!, I found this toy (no telling what it is, my grandson might be reading this blog... he's only 4, but you never know). I like the Caution statement in the upper right corner:  Do Not Look Directly at the Sun. Those red things are directly below are 3-D glasses, so I think they're referring to while wearing them not to think you're really a super hero or something.

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  3 pennies
Year:  ?, 1975, 1995
U.S. Mint:  ?, D, D
Condition:   One is dirty and I can't read the date/mint mark, other 2 are just dirty/tarnished
How much found money to date: $4.78 in 2011


  1. HI Peg!

    Thanks for stopping in at Under The Table and Dreaming and checking out my tutorial for button ornaments!

    This is an interesting blog, I am enjoying it. I am also a coin collector in the most non traditional ways!

  2. Thanks, Melissa, for checking out my Found Money blog. I have so much fun looking for coins now. I'd be interested in hearing more about your nontraditional coin collecting. Do tell!

  3. Hello Peg :) Nice blog. I was curious about your blog and what you write between reading chapters of boring texts. I heard this poem on the CBC radio. It's marvelous. Enjoy.

  4. For your information, I don't read BORING texts! I only read exciting ones!! Thanks for visiting and for the nice poem.


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