Monday, June 6, 2011

Found a Dime and This Earring

I took the trash out on my way to run a few errands (the bank and the post office) this morning. I found this "lovely" earring by the dumpster so I picked it up. It's so ugly (to me) but quite the eye-catching piece of bling, don't you think? I mean it has DIAMONDS all around the edge. I'm sure they're real, too (rolling my eyes).

I didn't find a cent at the bank or the PO. Dang. I did trade a dollar bill for two rolls of pennies at the bank though. I want to see if I can find some wheat pennies or anything else interesting. Not sure what else interesting might be hiding in a roll of pennies, but I'm about to crack them open so will let you know. And I asked for old ones, not rolls of new shiny pennies.

So, I thought my luck was bad today, but as I was walking to my place from the car, there was this dime on the pavement! Yay!

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  1 dime
Year:  1992
U.S. Mint:  D
Condition:  shiny
How much found money to date:  $1.62 in 2011

Footnote:  Okay, I just added this picture of three pennies from the two rolls of pennies. Look at the top penny:  it looks like someone took a bite from it!  And I just like the Abe Lincoln penny and the shield. No wheat pennies this batch though. Have you found any interesting coinage lately (even in your change or in a roll)?


  1. I found nine cents today! Four pennies/one nickel. Nice earring - what do you plan to do with it?

  2. Congratulations! I just checked your found money blog. That's fabulous. I have something in mind for the earring (another Web site that's been brewing for a while). Will post here when I finally do it.

  3. How about a guest blogger for your Found Money in the Street? I could mail to you the next penny that I find and email you a digital photo of it where I found it.

    Guess it wouldn't be the same as finding it yourself. Unless you could start a movement and have hundreds of people send you money they find.

  4. I keep thinking someday I'm gonna find a gold bullion or something. (haha) But actually, that would ruin the rest of it for me. Then I might not want to pick up the coins along the way.

  5. Oh Pam, you do dream big! That would be quite the find!! Good luck.

  6. Virginia, I would happily accept a digital photo of your found money with your write up of where you found it! I've done one guest blog before, but my self-imposed rule is that I have to find the money to add it to my found money jar. Here is Lori's guest found money entry:

    But I like the idea of everyone in the world sending me their found money!! ;o)


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