Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Found 11 Cents!

Today I ran out to the library (had to get the DVD "I Stink" since my 3-year-old grandson is coming and he loves I Stink!) and on the way out, I found a penny! Then I hit Fry's for some fruit, veggies, buns, a roast to cook, etc., and while checking out in the self-serve line, I found a dime in the change tray. Losers weepers, loser who left it.

When I got home, I threw the mail on the floor next to some file folders I need to put away. So, of course that's where Scarlett likes to lay. So I set the found money on the new Penzey's Spices catalog (the money's there, it's just hard to see) and Scarlett posed with the found money. She's such a good girl. In case you want to learn more about Miss Scarlett O'Hairy, check her out here.

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  1 penny, 1 dime
Year:  1988, 2000
U.S. Mint:  D, D
Condition:  penny:  okey dokey on the front but has a layer of paper glued on the back, dime:  shiny
How much found money to date:  $1.73 in 2011

Edited to correct my typo of "dime" when I meant "penny" outside the library. Oh boy.


  1. Wait just a sec. Did you find 11 cents or 20 cents? Uh huh, miss eagle eye missed something....

  2. Oh boy. Thanks! I found a penny and a dime. DUH!


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