Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 cents!

Went to Safeway today. Found 2 cents! Yay! The first one was by the coin machine where you can dump your change in. It was the 2009 penny. Very shiny. I can't believe someone didn't see it before me, but then maybe someone just dropped it. It was one of the new ones with the fancy design. Mr. Lincoln was standing up on the back of it. The second one was in the checkout aisle! Ta da!

This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  2 pennies
Year:  2009 and 1982
U.S. Mint:  Denver and no mark, so I think that's Philadelphia
Condition:  2009:  shiny; 1982, aged to perfection
How many coins/bills found to date:  35
How much found money to date:  $.66


  1. Hi Peg,

    Today I was really lucky - found $0.78:

    1 penny [bus], 3 quarters, 1 penny [bookstore couch 1], 1 penny [bookstore couch 2]

    I decided not to take the bus and instead walk over to the ATM for any pennies on the floor. Found none.

    I then got on the bus and when I sat down what did I find on the floor staring at me - a penny!!

    Also, coins can't only be dug out of couches at home but if there is a couch somewhere...there could be pennies to be had.

    At a bookstore couch, I dug out three quarters and a penny and at another couch found another penny - all at the same book store!!!

  2. I just found 35 cents at work someone left it in the chair I was sitting in.


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