Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fresh and Easy and a Penny in the Street

Found a penny in the change tray at Fresh and Easy. Went home. Ate lunch. Rode my half-flat bike tires to Bike Barn. Got them full of air. Rode home. Found a penny in the street.


This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination:  2 pennies
Year:  1985, 1994
U.S. Mint:  no mark, D
Condition:  Dark, shiny
How much found money to date:  $.10  in 2011

1 comment:

  1. Since following your blog, Peggy, I've been on the lookout for found money. I've been finding lots of pennies here and there but haven't added up how much. I should! What's interesting too is this: I did a "luck" hypnosis recorded session just for fun one day and a few days later found a 20 dollar bill on a store floor ! How's that for found money? :-)


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