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My Found Money Jar

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Found Penny and Coleman Sandals

I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods today because they had an ad for $14 sandals. That's my kind of price. So, just inside the store, I found this penny on the floor.

And I found these sandals. I didn't even know Coleman made sandals but as often as I buy footwear, that should be no surprise. Anyway, on the other side of the little tag, it reads:  This Coleman footgear is developed to enhance performance and enjoyment of both the great outdoors and everyday life.

Let the enhancement begin!

 This Found Money FACTS:
Denomination: 1 penny
Year: 1986
U.S. Mint:  Denver
Condition:  rubbed almost smooth
How many coins/bills found to date: 54
How much found money to date:  $1.22

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