Friday, May 21, 2010

Depressing May... 1 penny

This is sad. All of May I've found 1 penny. Just 1. What is up?!

I know the economy is supposed to be improving but have people also become better at not dropping coins too? Have I been staying in more? Well, yes, it's getting hot in the 'hood. Our first 100-degree day today but I do have to go out later. Ugh. Maybe I'll get lucky and spot a nickle.

Have YOU found any money this month? I mean, May is almost gone. Only 10 days of finding money left in May. How's your money jar looking?

No money pics; hibiscus photo will have to suffice.


  1. I think I find most of my loose change in the laundry. But that goes under the finders keepers rule, right? :)

  2. Good for you, Pam! I'd say finders keepers would work for found money too! ;o)


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